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    before, Harper’s crowd lie as a matter of staradnd operating procedure.Tories lied about census change: Opposition By The Canadian PressOTTAWA – Opposition parties say newly released documents prove the Conservative government lied to Canadians about controversial changes to the census.Liberals and New Democrats say the documents show Statistics Canada feared unreliable data would result from the government’s decision to replace the mandatory long-form census with a voluntary survey.That’s contrary to Industry Minister Tony Clement’s claim that StatsCan was comfortable with the change…Papers released Tuesday revealed that the former head of StatsCan, Munir Sheikh, advised that a voluntary survey would not be as useful as the current mandatory form.In a draft text of a planned July 21 speech to staff, Sheikh said a voluntary survey would meet the needs of many users “but will not provide useful data to meet the needs of other users of the mandatory long-form census.”Sheikh resigned before delivering the speech.