Findmypast has just published over 2.5 million records detailing the lives of the British in India from 1698 to 1947. The collection, released in partnership with the British Library, offers an unrivalled opportunity to explore family history on the subcontinent.

The newly-released records cast light on the careers and family lives of expats, the significance of the East India Company, the offices of power, infant mortality, Anglo Indian marriages, family relationships, and the lives of women in India. The details of expats' lives and deaths are documented in a variety of records ranging from returns of baptisms, marriages and burials, civil and military pensions and wills.

The British in India collection includes:

  • British India Office birth and baptism records 1698-1947
  • British India Office deaths and burials 1749-1947
  • Indian Office wills and probate records 1749-1957
  • India Office East India Company and Civil Service pensions 1749-1947
  • East India Company cadet papers
  • Applications for the civil service

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