For those of you attending Rootstech 2013 family history and technology conference in Salt Lake City, you may have picked up an issue of the findmypast Post. On page three you can find a crossword puzzle to fill time between sessions once you visited every booth in the exhibit hall. If you weren't able to make it to Salt Lake, follow the below link for the crossword. Answers are at the bottom of this post but don't look until you have a go at solving.

Crossword puzzle Rootstech


ROOTSTECH 2013 CROSSWORD ANSWERS (space are omitted on the puzzle)


8. RichardIII

9. Rubincam

12. Extra Extra

14. third cousin

16. Parish

17. Baptismal

21. American Civil War

22. Enumerator

23. Pedigree

25. WWII Draft

26. headline

27. Probate

28. heritage

29. toothbrush


1. Obit

2. emigrate

3. absent without leave

4. census

5. provenance

6. progeny

7. broadsheet

10. brick wall

11. Ulysses S Grant

13. Rootstech

15. National Archives

18. Cite

19. findmypast

20. immigrate

24. fire