We've once again added more images to the PERiodical Source Index (PERSI) as part of our promise to create the most comprehensive version available online.

With PERSI, you can easily locate key information about people and places. By linking images to the indexes,  we also allow you to access articles, photos, and other material you might not find using other research methods.

Explore PERSI now

You'll find all sorts hidden amongst the pages of rich material  in PERSI including biographies, maps, school records and much more.

It's also extremely easy to search. Findmypast's online version of PERSI allows you to filter your search by geographic information, year, periodical, publisher, subject and keywords.

This month, our image additions cover the years 1827-1923, almost a century of rich genealogical information from America and beyond.

Here's a list of the periodicals we added images to this month:

  • Aberdeen Journal Notes and Queries, 1908-1914
  • Ancestor, 1903-1905
  • American Historical Magazine/Americana With V.4n.4, 1906-1909
  • Americana, 1909-1923
  • American Colonial Tracts Monthly, 1897-1898
  • American Heraldic Journal, 1901-1902
  • American Irish Historical Society Journal, 1898-1900; 1904-1907; 1909-1922
  • American Quarterly Register / Quarterly Register and Journal of the American Education Society, 1827-1843
  • Biennial Report of the Department of Archives & History, 1904; 1915
  • Cayuga County Historical Society Collections, 1879; 1882; 1889-1890
  • Collectanea Topographica Et Genealogica, 1834-1838; 1840-1841; 1843
  • Connecticut Historical Society Annual Report, 1890-1923
  • Cork Historical and Archaelogical Society Journal, 1896
  • Curio, 1887-1888
  • Deutsche Pionier, 1869-1873
  • Dutchess County Historical Society Year Book, 1914-1916; 1918-1919; 1921