When it comes to family history, there are thousands of options online to explore. You can spend hours just sifting through the "how-to" articles alone. The team at Findmypast got together and decided to make this step a bit simplier, so here are ten resources for getting you going, and continuing the flow of learning.


  1. National Archives and Records Administration YouTube Channel - learn more than just what records are held at the National Archives, learn how to use the system, how they preserve our countries history, and see programs covering a wide range of historical topics.
  2. Upfront with NGS: the blog of the National Genealogical Society does a great job in keeping many of us current on news and updates within the community, new resources, and interesting stories on technology and advancements.
  3. Vita Brevis, the blog provided by AmericanAncestors.org that is a "must read" for all genealogists - be inspired by great discoveries and learn about process and method at the same time.
  4. Federation of Genealogical Societies Directory - find, and join!, a local or state society for immediate access to educational programs, publications, and access to excellent materials that are specific to a particular area. Don't forget to consider that your society of choice may actually be based in the area where your ancestors lived - not necessarily where you live today.
  5. Legacy Family Tree Webinars: a weekly program that offers educational topics covering all aspects of genealogy - and they are free! Check the website for more information, and add these to your calendar today. (Don't forget to register in advance!)
  6. Explore the FamilySearch "Family History Research Wiki", and use it every day that you engage in research! The wiki can guide you to additional resources based on geography, types of historical records, and online collections that you may not have yet discovered.
  7. Cyndi's List: a classic in the world of family history, Cyndi Ingle has been cultivating her directory of internet links for over 18 years, and it continues to grow weekly. The site currently boasts over 333,000 links!
  8. Allen County Public Libraries' Genealogy Center has excellent getting started resources, video tutorials, and free databases - all available from the homepage. Using a nationally recognized facility such as ACPL is time well spent.
  9. Explore the Mocavo Community pages; they have built a wonderful community at our sister site, and it's an arena we can all contribute to - and learn from. Don't miss the Fireside chat videos, either!
  10. If your family squeals with delight over American history, then the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) site is for you! With online records and indexes, a great deal of reading material, and updates on this historical society's current-day activities and contributions, you cannot go wrong.


One thing we all have in common: there is always something else to learn in genealogy. Taking some of your time to familiarize yourself with these sites - and others - will go a long way in helping you to reach your goals in family history.