Welcome to findmypast’s first monthly newspaper roundup. We’re going to be giving you regular updates about our ever-growing newspaper collection, so there’s no excuse for missing any headlines!

Major new additions 

We’re pleased to announce the addition of some major regional titles to the vast British Newspaper Collection. Digitised in partnership with the British Library, our new additions date between 1801 and 1930, and include major publications such as the Daily Post, Evening Telegraph, Birmingham Daily Mail, and Bath Chronicle.

In addition to news and feature articles, newspapers contain advertisements, obituaries and letters to the editor, all of which provide a rich historical context for the world in which your ancestors lived.

A glimpse of regional life

The beauty of regional newspapers is that they can communicate a far more specific idea of what life was like in a given area at a certain time. The Yorkshire Evening Post for example has traditionally reported on Leeds United and Leeds Rhinos, as well as the Yorkshire County Cricket Club team, thus regularly listing names of local sportsmen and detailing their activities.

Some local papers have demonstrated impressive longevity, meaning that families who remained in one area can reappear over the generations in their pages. The masthead of the Stamford Mercury to this day declares that it has been published since 1695.


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Evolving over time

Newspapers and genealogy go hand in hand, and as with family names, newspaper titles can adapt and evolve over time. The weekly Bath Chronicle appeared in various guises before 1760, first coming out as the Bath Journal in 1743, then restyling itself Boddely’s Bath Journal, before becoming Keene’s Bath Journal in January 1822.

We’re also adding editions of the Nottingham Evening Post printed between 1907 and 1915. The first, rather modest edition of this publication was printed in 1878 at a mere four pages long, and sold for a halfpenny. Like your family tree, it has grown over the years!

We hope you enjoy exploring these additions to our growing British Newspapers collection.


New additions to the British Newspaper Collection

The Yorkshire Evening Post 1915 – 1930

The Kendal Mercury and Northern Advertiser 1870

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 1801 – 1816

Nottingham Evening Post 1907 – 1915

Evening Telegraph 1882 – 1892

The Yorkshire Evening Post 1937

The Birmingham Daily Mail 1881-1915

Daily Post 1875 – 1876 

The Newcastle Daily Journal 1893

Stamford Mercury 1846