How to add details such as records, photos and facts to your ancestors' profiles to really bring your family tree to life

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Bring Your Tree to Life

Got old photos of your ancestors? Why not put them on your family tree! A fun feature our family tree offers is adding pictures to your ancestors' profile.

How to add photos:

  1. Click on one of your ancestors and click 'Profile'
  2. Click 'Media'
  3. Click 'Add Media' and choose either to upload a new photo from your computer or attach an existing photo you have already uploaded
  4. Choose the photo and then add a title, description, location and date (it is not compulsory to fill in all the fields)
  5. Click 'Save' and the photo will be added to your ancestor's profile
  6. You can also add a 'Profile picture' to each of your ancestors by clicking on the person icon next to your ancestor's name

Adding photos

See Your Ancestor's Major Life Events

The Findmypast family tree builder allows you to see a timeline of your ancestors' lives. The timeline includes your ancestor's birth and death years, marriage year (if they got married) and the births of any children.

How to view 'Timeline':

  1. Click on one of the ancestors on your tree
  2. Click 'Profile'
  3. Find the word 'Timeline' in green and there should be a list of your ancestor's life events in chronological order

Viewing timeline

Understand Family Connections

As your tree grows into multiple generations, you might become curious about how two people on your tree are related. It can get pretty confusing calculating distant relations in your head so let our 'Kinship calculator' do the hard work.

How to use the kinship calculator:

  1. Click on the ancestor you are interested in and click 'Profile'
  2. Look for the word 'Relations' (you may have to scroll down depending on the size of your screen)
  3. Next to 'Relations' there is the 'Kinship calculator' button, click it
  4. In the search field, type in the name of the ancestor you wish to see the relation to
  5. Click 'Calculate'
  6. A description with the relation each ancestor has to one another will come up
  7. If you wish to try another member of the family, click 'Start again'; if not, click 'Close'

Kinship calculator

Commemorate Major Milestones

The facts feature on our family tree builder allows you to add life events or information to each individual ancestor's profile. We provide a list of possible facts you might want to add to your ancestors or you can create a custom fact if we do not provide the event you would like to add.

How to add a fact:

  1. Click on the ancestor you wish to add a fact to and click 'Profile'
  2. Click on 'Facts and events'
  3. Click 'Add Fact' in blue on the right side of the page
  4. Select a fact type or create a custom fact
  5. Enter as many fields as you can (you do not have to fill in every one)
  6. Click 'Add fact' and the fact will be added to your list of facts and events
  7. You can also decide whether you want to view your facts and events chronologically or alphabetically by clicking the 'View Facts and events chronologically' (there is no drop-down menu, it will change between the two automatically)

Adding facts

Organise Your Research

To help streamline your research, when you find a record that pertains to your tree, you can attach the record to your tree right from the search page.

How to attach a record:

  1. Search for the ancestor you want to find a record for
  2. Once you find a record and have clicked through to view either the transcription or the photo of the record, scroll to the bottom of the transcript and find the 'Attach to tree' button
  3. If you are viewing the photo, the button will be located at the top of the page
  4. Type in the name of the ancestor you want to add the record to and add notes if you want to (not compulsory to add notes)
  5. Click 'Save'
  6. Places you can view the record: If you attached the record to a person, you can view it in their profile under 'Media'. You can also go to 'Tree Settings' and click 'Media' to view every record and picture that has been attached to your tree.

Attaching records to your tree

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