Over 833,000 records are available to search this Findmypast Friday including;

Scotland Post Office Directories

Scotland Post Office Directories contains over 382,000 records. The collection allows you to explore thousands of pages of directories to learn more about the life and work of your Scottish ancestors. The post directories in this collection may focus on a particular town or district or you can find national postal directories. The majority of post directories comprise a description of the place, along with lists of people by occupation. For example, you will find lists of magistrates, councillors, sheriffs, police officers, and merchants.

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The records are presented as images and do not have transcripts. The detail you will find on each page will depend on the type of directory, but most will reveal your ancestor's residence and occupation at the very least.

Scotland Post Office Directories Image Browse

Did your ancestor own a pub in Shetland, or was your ancestor the local magistrate in Aberdeen? Browse 598 volumes of Post office directories to find out.

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Post directories are an excellent source for family historians wanting to trace ancestors on a yearly basis. They allow you to fill in the gaps between the census records and are an excellent resource for local historians. Directories will give you a better understanding of where your ancestor lived, such as how many businesses were in the town, how many schools, what day was the market day, and how big was the town.

Lower Canada Census 1842

The 1842 Lower Canada Census contains over 46,000 records. The Province of Lower Canada was a British colony on the lower Saint Lawrence River and the shores of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence between 1791 and 1841. It covered the southern portion of the modern-day Province of Quebec, Canada, and the Labrador region of the modern-day Province of Newfoundland and Labrador

Search the Lower Canada Census of 1842

Each search result will provide you will an image of the original document and a transcript. The original census returns were printed in French and English. Each transcript will reveal your ancestor's occupation, language, where they lived and the number of inhabitants at their dwelling. Images can provide detailed information about the local area such as number of inhabited and uninhabited buildings, the number of barley mills, tanneries, distilleries, the price of wheat since the last harvest, the price of agricultural labour per day and more.

Britain, Russian Orthodox Church in London

Explore over 13,000 records taken from volumes of birth, marriage, and death records from the Russian Orthodox Church in London. The records also include correspondences, congregational records, and church documents. The majority of the volumes are written in Russian. There are a limited number of English-language records.

Browse Russian Orthodox Church Records

The Russian Orthodox Church records are available as a browse set. You can search the records by the document description such as Births, marriages, deaths, converts, and passports, 1888-1919 or Donations to St Petersburg Guardianship for Poor Clergymen, 1863. You will find numerous correspondences with other church leaders in London, America, Russia, and Japan, as well as documents related to religious doctrine. The facts found in each volume will depend on the type of record you are viewing. Birth, marriage, and death records will include the individual's name, event date, and place. Birth and marriage records will also include the names of the individual's parents.

Yorkshire Memorial Inscriptions

Over 7,000 new records have been added to our collection of Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions. The entire collection now contains over 103,000 records and cover 174 burial sites across the county.

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Each result will provide you with a transcript. There are no images available with this collection. The detail in each record will vary depending on the age of the memorial and which family history society transcribed the records. Most will include a combination of your ancestor's birth year, death year, memorial location, inscription and a brief description of the monument.

Britain, Knights of the Realm & Commonwealth index

351 new records have been added to the Knights of the Realm & Commonwealth index. The index covers 17 different honours and decorations, both current and dormant, and includes records dating back to the 11th century.

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The Knights of the Realm Index is comprised of individual transcripts that list a recipient's name, birth year, death year (if applicable), the type of award they received and the date they received it. Transcripts can also include a biography which will often include the recipient's rank or position/occupation and any additional remarks, such as where they were dubbed.

Anglo-Boer War Records 1899-1902

Over 295,000 records have been added to our collection of Anglo-Boer War records. This unique database of more than 470 sources may reveal the unit your ancestor served with and any medals, honors, or awards they won. The register also contains a completely revised casualty list of 59,000 casualty records.

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The Register is a unique database for genealogists, military historians and medal collectors. Each record contains a transcript that will reveal your ancestors service number, rank, the unit & regiment they served with, details of any medals, honours or awards they received and any memorials relating to their death.