New Records Added This Week

Over 372,900 records are available to search this Findmypast Friday, including;

Ireland, Directories 1636 - 1799 Browse

Browse over 20,000 records taken from 85 volumes of Irish directories and almanacs published during the 17th and 18th centuries to lean about the lives of your Irish ancestors.

Search our Irish Directories

The details found in each volume depend on the nature of the publication. You can discover the beliefs and practices prevalent in 17th and 18th century Ireland along with advice and predictions for a particular year. In the registers and directories, you will usually find lists of officials, commissions, government leaders, land owners, and religious leaders. For example, the English Registry provides lists of archdeacons, bishops, knights, military officers, lords, peers, dukes, barons, and commissions of customs, salt duties, and trade. The List of Freemen and Freeholders consists of names of all those who voted in the city of Dublin Parliament election of 1762. A full list of all the publications available can be found at the bottom of the search page.

Ireland, Legal Administration

Ireland, Legal Administration contains over 1,600 records that will allow you to discover whether your ancestors were put on trial or worked in Ireland's court system. Explore publications related to the law and courts including prison studies, Assizes records, lists of judges and a guide book for Civil Service clerks produced by Bram Stoker.

Search Legal Administrations

All the records are presented as PDFs. This format allows you to search the entire text of the document. The detail found in each record will depend on the subject of the publication. There are currently four titles available in this set. Furthermore, these publications are an excellent source for supplemental information about your ancestor. For example, if you discovered that your ancestor was in prison, the report of 1862 will provide you with the prison's living conditions, quality of food, and description of punishments.

Ireland Memorial Inscriptions

Ireland Memorial Inscriptions contains over 1,400 records. The collection consist of 8 publications of indexes to memorial inscriptions found in 58 cemeteries across Dublin, Meath, Louth, and Wicklow.

Search Irish Memorial Inscriptions

The details you will discover depends on the publication. Some will provide you with the deceased's name and burial place as well as the source, while others may provide you with your ancestor's name, death date, and age at the time of death, as well as the names of other family members (such as parents, siblings, spouses, and children) and their respective death dates.

Ireland Surnames & Family Histories

Over 800 records have been added to our collection of Ireland Surnames & Family Histories; a rich and varied collection consisting of 10 historic family and local history publications. The collection contains over 7,000 pdf images of assorted documents that will help you discover more about your Irish family name and history.

Search Ireland Surnames & Family Histories

The records are displayed in PDF format and can be searched by title, publication year, and keyword (including names). A full list of the publications included is available at the bottom of the search page.

Ireland, Histories & References

Over 14,000 records have been added to Ireland, Histories & References. This fascinating collection allows you to learn more about the history of your ancestral homeland and consists of four 19th century Irish histories and reference guides; the Album of Ireland, A Little Tour of Ireland, Ireland in Pictures and The Tourist's Picturesque Guide to Ireland.

Explore Irish Histories & Reference Guides

Publications about social history are useful in creating a full narrative about your ancestor's life and how they lived. The various titles in this collection provide images of iconic landmarks in Ireland as well as descriptions of townlands and local people.

Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) births

Dating back to the mid-1600s all the way up to the present day, this incredible collection of birth records covers over 360 years of Quaker history. Information will vary, but most records will include name, birth date and place, parish and address. Most will also contain parents' names, addresses and occupations.

Search Irish Quaker Births

Dating back to the mid-1600s all the way up to the present day, this incredible collection of birth records covers over 400 years of Quaker history. Information will vary, but most records will include name, birth date and place, parish and address. Most will also contain parents' names, addresses and occupations.

Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) marriages

Explore over 20,000 new additions to our collection of Irish Quaker marriage records to discover when, where and to whom your ancestor was married as well as their occupation, parents' names and who attended the ceremony.

Search Irish Quaker Marriages

Dating back to the mid-17th century, these records can reveal incredible amounts of information. As well as the names, address and marriage details of the newlyweds, you may find parents' name and address for both husband and wife, an attendee list including names and dates of birth, and even details of the meeting.

Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) deaths

Find out where your Irish Quaker ancestors were laid to rest with over 24,000 new additions dating back to 1654. Discover when they died, where they were buried and the names of those they left behind.

Search Irish Quaker Deaths

Details included in the records can vary, but most will include the deceased's name, address, parish, death and burial dates, age at death and parents' and/or spouse's names. Additional notations may be also included in images of the original documents, such as "a young child" or "widow, an aged woman".

Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) congregational records

Learn about your Quaker ancestor's role within their local community with an additional 250,000 Irish congregational records. Uncover details of the meetings they attended and the activities they engaged in.

Search Quaker Congregational Records

These records, dating back to the mid-1600s, comprise minutes from half-yearly Quaker meetings. As well as a transcript, each entry includes an image of the original handwritten record. The information included will vary, but most will include name, congregation date, address, meeting, archive and reference.

Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) school records

Over 9,000 new records have been added to our Collection of Irish Quaker School records. The entire collection now contains over 53,000 records and covers six different schools.

Search Irish Quaker School Records

Dating from the late 1700s to the early 1900s, and compiled from various Quaker school registers and lists, each entry includes both a transcript and an image of the original document. Details contained in each record will vary, but most will list the pupils name, age at last birthday, school and department, admission year, leaving year, parents' names and occupations.