This week's findmypast Friday marks the release of over 3.6 million new records including new additions to our collection of crime and punishment records as well as more than one million historic Irish newspaper articles.

England & Wales, Crime, Prisons & Punishment, 1770-1935 Phase 3

Over 2.5 million new records have been added to our England and Wales, Crime, Prisons and Punishment collection, released in partnership with The National Archives. The records contain the details of felons who passed through the criminal justice system in England and Wales between 1770 and 1935, and can reveal the exact nature of the individual's crime, where and when the offence was committed, as well as the sentence they received. Many records also include physical descriptions, petitions for clemency, reports on behavior, health and education and photographic mug shots. The details of victims and government officials working within the penal system can also found within the collection.

The new additions are taken from eight substantial and widely varied records series held by The National Archives at Kew. England & Wales, Crime, Prisons and Punishment now contains over 5.5 million transcripts, all accompanied by scanned images of the original documents, and is the largest collection of crime and punishment records available online.

England & Wales, Crime, Prisons & Punishment, 1770-1935 – Browse

Browse over 3,417 volumes of English and Welsh crime records held by The National Archives. The browse function allows you to select which series you want to explore to delve through individual documents in their entirety including volumes of criminal calendars, prisoner registers, male and female prison licenses and more.

Descriptions of each of the series included are available at the bottom of the search page.

Britain, Chronicles of Crime or the New Newgate Calendar, vols I & II, pub 1841

The Newgate Calendar contains more than 81,000 records that allow you to discover fascinating tales of arson, murder, piracy, embezzlement, conspiracy, and treason. The records consist of a "series of memoirs and anecdotes of notorious characters who have outraged the laws of Great Britain from the earliest period" up to 1841.

Tasmania Convict records 1800-1893

Search more than 81,000 records to discover whether your ancestor transported to Van Diemen's Land as a convict between 1800 and 1893. This varied collection contains records from over 20 different soureces held by the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.

Irish Newspapers

1,041,492 articles from two brand new titles have been added to our collection of historic Irish newspapers. The new additions include;

  • Belfast Telegraph - 944,404 articles covering 1871 - 1881, 1886 - 1892, 1897 - 1899, 1903 – 1909
  • Cork Constitution - 97,088 articles covering 1890 - 1891