Over 1.4 million new records and 2.5 million newspaper articles are available to search this Findmypast Friday.

Victoria Wills & Probate

Victoria Wills & Probate is a vast index containing over 1.3 million records. It lists the names of deceased persons whose estates passed probate through the Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne between 1841 and 1989. Wills and probate records are invaluable in family research. Such documentation can provide details of next of kin, property owned, and significant dates. Each record includes a transcript that will your ancestor's death date, occupation, residence, death date, the date of the grant, the nature of the grant and to whom it was committed. Transcripts also include the file number and a link to order an original copy from Public Record Office Victoria.

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Images may provide the last will and testament of your ancestor and an inventory of your ancestor's estate (which may include an itemised list of assets and liabilities). These would provide not only insight into your ancestor's economic standing, but also into your ancestor's relationships with other family members, friends, and institutions. If you have a family heirloom, inventories can provide details of its acquisition and worth.

Victoria Divorce Cause Books 1861-1938

Victoria Divorce Cause Books 1861-1938 contains over 39,000 records that will allow you to find out if and when your ancestor submitted a petition for divorce at the Prothonotary's Office of the Supreme Court.

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The divorce cause books include a petitioner's name and a respondent's name, as well as the case file number. The original records are handwritten, and each result will include a transcript and an image of the original record. The individual's legal representative, called a proctor, could also submit the petition. Up until 1975, divorce cases in Victoria were heard by the Supreme Court.

Derbyshire, Chesterfield union workhouse death index 1838 - 1904

Search over 3,000 records to see if your ancestor died in the Chesterfield Union Workhouse. A workhouse in Chesterfield first opened between 1735 and 1737. In 1837, Chesterfield became an official poor law union covering 34 parishes and immediately plans were made to build a larger workhouse. Within a month, a new site was purchased, and in 1839, the four-storey Chesterfield Union Workhouse opened.

Search the Chesterfield Union Workhouse death Index

Each record includes a transcript that will reveal your ancestor's birth year, death date and chargeable parish. A number also include additional comments, usually a reference to where the person was buried such as buried Stonegravels Church or Chesterfield cemetery.

New South Wales, Tea Gardens cemetery inscriptions 1898 - 2008

Was your ancestor was buried in the Tea Gardens cemetery in New South Wales between the years 1898 to 2014? Find out when they died, the location of their burial plot and uncover details of their memorial inscription.

Search Tea Garden cemetery inscriptions

New South Wales, Stroud Baptismal Register 1892-1925

Search over 200 extracts from the Stroud baptismal register to uncover details of baptisms performed in Karuah, Sawyers Point, Limeburner's Creek, Carrington, Tahlee, and Swan Bay/Mulwee, including the names, occupations and residence of the parents.

Search the Stroud Baptismal Register

Each record includes a transcript of the original source material that will reveal your ancestors birth date, baptism date, the name of the officiating minister, the names of both parents, their occupations and residence.

British Army, Plovdiv Military Cemetery Burials

British Army, Plovdiv Military Cemetery Burials is a small set of just over 55 records that list the names of the servicemen who either died as prisoners of war or were killed while serving with the British armed forces.

Search the Plovdiv Military Cemetery Burials

These records allow you to view images of the memorial stones of British servicemen buried in Bulgaria's Plovdiv Military Cemetery and reveal your ancestor's date of death, service number, rank, regiment and grave plot.

British Newspapers

Over 2.5 million articles and 13 brand new titles are have been added to our collection of historic newspapers this month. The new additions mainly cover the south east of England, Montgomershire and North Lanarkshire. Visit the Findmypast blog to learn more about the titles added this month.

Search our collection of historic British Newspapers

Gathered from one of the largest collections in the United Kingdom, our British newspapers include thousands of local and regional publications across the England, Wales, and Scotland. Each page has been completely digitized and fully indexed, offering you the ability to search every word within an article.

Australian Capital Territory Marriages

Over 400 records have been added to our collection of Australian Capital Territory Marriages. The Australian Capital Territory (or ACT) is a self-governing territory in southeast Australia, enclaved by New South Wales. It is one of two self-governing internal territories in Australia and is the smaller of the two. The only city in the territory is Canberra, Australia's capital city.

Search Australian Capital Territory Marriages

Each record includes a transcript of the original source material that will reveal your ancestor's marriage date and the name of their spouse. Transcripts will also include the registration number, information that can be used to order a copy of the original certificate from the Office of Regulatory Services.