Over 249,000 records are available to search this Findmypast Friday, including;

Surrey institutional records 1788-1939

Explore over 200,000 assorted records from 16 institutions across the English county of Surrey, including poor law unions, workhouses, schools, infirmaries, goals and more. Each result will provide you with a transcript of key details from the source material. The records cover 13 places in Surrey: Addlestone, Chertsey, Cobham, Dorking, Farnham, Godstone, Guildford, Hambledon, Redhill, Richmond Upon Thames, Southwark, Warlingham, and Woking.

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The amount and nature of the information recorded will vary depending on the type of source material. Most will reveal a combination of your accentor's occupation, marital status and home parish as well as dates relating to their birth, baptism, death and the event that was being recorded.

Vermont, Enrolled Militia Records 1861-1867

Search over 4,300 records to find out if your Vermont ancestors enrolled in the state militia. Vermont, located in the northeastern United States, has a long tradition of local militias fighting for the country, going back to Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys in the American Revolutionary War. The state passed an act in 1844 that stipulated that all adult men who were eligible for service in the state militia were recorded by the town clerk in a register that was then sent to the state government.

Search Vermont, Enrolled Militia Records

Learn details that will enrich your family history, such as your ancestor's date of birth and where they enrolled. These records cover most of the 1860s, a particularly interesting time for the state as Vermont fought with the Union during the American Civil War. While most records in this collection are enlistment records, several personal war sketches and burial records are also included.

Essex Baptism Index 1538-1917

Over 32,000 records covering 50 parishes across the county have been added to the Essex Baptism index. The collection now contains more than 279,000 records taken from a range of original parish and probate documents.

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Each record contains a transcript of original source material. The amount of information listed may vary but generally records will include the child's name, birth date, birth place, baptism date, baptism place, denomination, parent's names and father's occupation.

Australian Capital Territory Deaths

Over 2,000 records have been added to our collection of Australian Capital Territory Deaths. The Australian Capital Territory (or ACT) is a self-governing territory in southeast Australia, enclaved by New South Wales. It is one of two self-governing internal territories in Australia and is the smaller of the two. The only city in the territory is Canberra, Australia's capital city.

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Each record includes a transcript of the original source material that will reveal your ancestor's date of death and parent's names. Transcripts will also include the registration number, information that can be used to order a copy of the original certificate from the Office of Regulatory Services.

Sussex, Eastbourne Gazette Newspaper Notices

Over 186,000 records have been added to our collection of Eastbourne Gazette Newspaper Notices. The Eastbourne Gazette was a weekly tabloid paper first published in 1859.

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This indexed collection includes names found in the paper's family notices section (announcements of births, marriages and deaths) as well as other reports on events such as divorces, murders, tragedies, shipwrecks, lynchings and paternity cases. The newspaper reported on stories in Sussex, but also internationally. Stories from Ireland to Switzerland and the USA can be found by using the Keyword search to discover indexed reports from specific countries.

Derbyshire Hospital Admissions and Deaths 1855-1913

Over 800 records have been added to our collection of Derbyshire Hospital Admission & Deaths. The collection now contains over 5,000 records taken from two different sources: Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, Deaths 1892 – 1912 and Victoria Memorial Cottage Hospital, Ashbourne Admissions 1899 – 1913. The Victoria Memorial Cottage Hospital was opened in Ashbourne in 1899 and was in operation for 65 years until its closure in 1964. The Derbyshire Royal Infirmary was first built in 1810 and rebuilt following a typhoid outbreak in 1890. Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone in 1894 and the hospital stayed in operation for over 100 years.

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Each record includes a transcript produced by the Ancestral Archives of Derbyshire. Records can include the patient's admission date, reason for admission, condition after admission, marital status, residence, rank or profession, date of discharge or death and cause of death.

Irish Newspapers

Over 900 new articles and one brand new title have been added to our collection of historic Irish newspapers. This month's new title, The Monitor, and Missionary Chronicle, of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland currently consists of twenty 24-26 page editions of the monthly publication dating from August 1853 to April 1855

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The reports contained within relate mainly to Presbyterian communities in Ireland and abroad.