Welcome to the findmypast 1940 Census Hunt - Week 2!

Each week findmypast presents a weekly 1940 Census Hunt, a chance to put your 1940 census browsing skills to the test. The first person to complete the challenge, and e-mail their results (a short step-by-step description of how you found each individual and a copy of the census images) to rdenning@brightsolid.com will receive 500 credits on findmypast.com and a writeup on the official findmypast blog.

This week’s hunt is a search for Bob Feller who played for the Cleveland Indians and threw a no-hitter against the Chicago White Sox on Opening Day of the 1940 season (April 16,1940). To date, this is the only no-hitter to be thrown on Opening Day in the history of the major league.

Where to start? You might want to visit Bob "Bullet" Feller's website to see where he might be living at the time of the census.

Found Bob "Bullet" Feller in the 1940 Census?

E-mail a copy of the census images and a short step-by-step description of how you found it to rdenning@brightsolid.com.

This week’s contest closes Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 11:59pm PT.