While have had some fun finding celebrities, presidents, and others in the 1940 Census, we have also been hard at work finding our own families.

Brian Speckart, findmypast's marketing manager located his mother, living in Richfield, Sevier County, Utah. Luckily enough she was asked the supplemental questions (though being only a few weeks old, she wasn't able to provide much information. In searching for Brian's father, he located three generations on a single page.

Joshua Taylor, findmypast's business development manager and resident genealogist had several finds including both his grandfathers and three great-grandparents (despite some in-depth searching, both his grandmothers have still not been located - perhaps the 1940 Census community indexing project will find them first).

In addition, each of us have signed up to index the census. More states are being added each day and there are plenty of pages of index. If you haven't yet signed up, visit the1940census.com to get started (maybe you will even discover one of your own relatives - or one of ours).