Next week is the beginning of season two of Genealogy Roadshow on PBS in the United States.

The Findmypast family could not be happier to see this show on air! Not only are we going to be treated to fantastic family history stories and lessons in American history, our very own D. Joshua Taylor, Director of Family History at Findmypast, is one of the featured genealogists on the series.

Audiences across the nation were teased with just four episodes last year, but 2015 will include six, as the first full season. Featuring family stories from New Orleans, Philadelphia, and St. Louis, FIndmypast was honored to be in attendance in each city when the show was filmed.

From the Genealogy Roadshow website;

"Part detective story, part emotional journey, Genealogy Roadshow combines history and science to uncover the fascinating stories of diverse Americans. Each individual's past links to a larger community history, revealing the rich cultural tapestry of America."

Findmypast is excited to announce that during this year's season, we will be hosting a live Twitter chat. These conversations will occur from 8pm - 9pm Eastern, and you can participate by following our US Twitter account, and using the #FMPRoadshow hashtag. We are anticipating incredible family history discussions as each episode progresses, and hope that you will join in the fun.

Watch for weekly blog posts on Findmypast and insights from Josh Taylor on his experiences in filming this ground breaking series.