And so, like the fireworks that flew ever upward into skies across the world last night, Start Your Family Tree Week is out with a bang for another year! We hope you've had as good a time as we have over the last few days as we've watched your family trees bloom from seedlings into wondrous evergreens. What a way to start the New Year!

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But don't let your aspirations fizzle out. With a little time and a little tending you could make your family research grow into something really special. As anyone who's added healthy eating or keeping fit to their list of New Year resolutions can testify, the hardest part is getting started, and you've already long passed that hurdle.

A look back at Start Your Family Tree Week

It's hard to remember back when we started the week featuring blogs and videos for people who'd never touched a family tree before. Learning about records for the first time is such an eye opener, from understanding the technicalities of what BMDs actually are, to remembering that these were physical ledgers kept by real people. It's perhaps this one reminder, that the people of the past were humans who informed and changed the very people we are today, that makes family history so intriguing.

One of our favourite pieces this week was the insight into the characters found in the 1911 census, who left notes on women's suffrage, listed their pets as family members, and described their children as "quarrelsome", "stubborn" and "greedy". And then, of course, there were the handy hints for searching the 1939 Register, one of the most important documents in British history, recording the lives of people we knew in the flesh.

And if that wasn't enough to get you excited there was also a fantastic article showing you how to break down those brick walls, a look at all the records released this year (nearly half a billion names!) and a look at the parish registers, a brilliant resource for those who've traced their families beyond 1837.

And one last thing...

If you didn't get the chance to follow along with us this week, don't fret! All the material we released over the last week is available on our blog, so you can start discovering your family's story at your leisure.

From all of the team here at Findmypast, here's to a wonderfully prosperous and enlightening New Year.

Ever upwards!

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