Our resident expert Josh Taylor explains the initial steps in starting your family history. From interviewing living relatives to documenting your research, these tips will get you started and give you the best shot at making discoveries for years to come.


  • 00:30 Step 1 – Interview your relatives (Download interview questions)
  • 00:52 Step 2 – Figure out what you want to discover
  • 01:33 Step 3 – Starting to search online with the US census (More census tips) (Search the 1940 Census for FREE)
  • 02:21 Step 4 – Once you start finding ancestors, try tracing backwards
  • 03:15 Step 5 – When to keep researching and when to move on to another branch
  • 04:02 Step 6 – Cite your sources - How to organize notes and document your research for less stress and more success (More info on citations)