Hints search records to help you discover your ancestors' unique stories. Here's how to use them

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What is a Hint?

A hint is a representation of a possible match in our records to the people on your tree. When a new person is added to your tree, hints will search our birth, marriage, death, parish, census, military and newspaper records, and come up with as many potential matches for that person as possible.

Hints appear on your tree as little orange bubbles

How Can I View Hints?

When a new family member is added to your tree or more details are added or amended to an existing member, a little orange bubble with a number in it might pop up on the top right corner of that family member on your tree. The number represents the amount of records found that could be related to your ancestor.

There is also a button located at the top of the tree that provides a view of all the hints currently on your tree. This is useful if you want to sift through all the hints at once instead of clicking on each individual family member to then review them.

Hint Locations

Reviewing & Rejecting Hints

We give you the option to review or reject the suggested record matches. If the hints provide a record that could match your ancestor, review the record to see its details. From there you can decide if the record is or is not your ancestor. If it is NOT your ancestor, you can reject the record. If it IS your ancestor, you can add the information to your ancestor's profile using the merging tool. If you are not sure the record is correct or not, there is a 'Maybe' option which will allow you to review the hint again later.

Your Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Find a person with an orange bubble on their name icon and click on that person
  2. Click the orange button that says 'Hints'
  3. All possible matches will be shown.
  4. If a hint definitely doesn't match your ancestor click 'Reject'
  5. If it looks like a match, click 'Review'.
  6. Decide whether the record is a match or not
  7. Click 'No, reject' if it's not a match
  8. Click 'Yes, next step' if it is a match
  9. If you clicked 'Yes, next step', you will be asked to merge the information (further instruction on how to merge below)

Review and Rejecting Hints

How to Merge Hint Information

  1. After clicking 'Yes, next step' you'll come to a page similar to the one before, except there are now arrows in the middle of the record and your ancestor's profile
  2. Compare the information in both columns and using the arrows, you can move the information from the record to your ancestor's profile
  3. If you decide the information is incorrect, you can move it back across using the back arrow
  4. You can move all the information across at once by clicking 'Update all'
  5. Click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the screen when you're finished. Your ancestor's profile will be automatically updated

Merging Hints

The 'Maybe' Hint

One choice you have when reviewing your hints is to click 'Maybe' and review the hint later. Let's pretend it is later and you want to look at the hint you saved. Go to your family tree and click the orange bubble at the top that says 'My Hints.' On the top right, there's a drop down menu that says 'New' – click that and then click 'Maybe.' You can also view all the hints you have accepted and rejected as well as all new hints.

Maybe Hint

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