As you might have noticed the team at has found quite a few popular figures in the recently released 1940 Census. Judy Garland, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nancy Pelosi, and the "rebel" himself, James Dean are among those who we have uncovered.

We were extremely surprised to find that James Dean was living at 1422 23rd Street in Santa Monica, California, just two blocks away from where we were sitting at the time! The temptation to make a visit was too much and we headed out to see what, if anything, remained of his 1940 residence.

After a very brief walk we found that his childhood home is no longer standing and is now a parking lot (as shown below). Even in the present day, the street includes a few dwellings that could have stood when James Dean roamed the streets at the age of 9. Just goes to show - you never know what connections you might find in the 1940 census.