What did Labor Day mean for your ancestors? For many who arrived at these shoreschasing the American Dream, the life they found was a far cry from their expectations.

In the late 19th century you could expect to work ten hours a day in a manual job, and it was the luck of the draw as to who managed to climb the ladder of success. For the vast majority, Labor Day marked the triumphal recognition of the workers' efforts, and celebrated their contribution to the strength and prosperity of the homeland they had chosen - a contribution hitherto unacknowledged.

Of course, a lucky few managed to achieve the fame and fortune they dreamed of, and their stories still endure as inspirational examples today. Were your ancestors among them? Or were they among the many whose hard graft helped build the America we know today? Findmypast is the best place to start exploring your family's story and discover the world your ancestors knew - and the legacy they left behind!