Last night wrapped up a fantastic season of Who Do You Think You Are? which has seen celebrities discover stories of war, murder, slavery and redemption in their family histories, showing that there's no end to the possible things we can all find in our trees. The season finale featured Lord of The Rings actor Liv Tyler - joined for a part of the episode by her rock star father Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame.

Tyler follows her father's maternal line looking to clear up some family mysteries. Meeting with a genealogist, she hears details of her great-great-great-great-grandfather, a Robert Elliot, in the 1860 US Census. Upon finding Elliot in the 1870 US Census, Tyler is thrilled to discover that her ancestor, Robert Elliot, was listed as 'mulatto', or part African-American.

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This wasn't the only news about the Elliot family that excited Tyler. It also transpired that Robert had been a drummer boy at the Siege of Plattsburgh in the War of 1812, and his son George had been a drummer boy at the Battles of Antietam and Gettysburg. For Steven Tyler particularly - who started his career in music as a drummer - this was an incredible insight into his family's history and, when Liv showed him a real photograph of his ancestor George, he said 'I've always felt akin to black people, always.'

The Tylers' family history is the last to be examined for a while, with Who Do You Think You Are? returning next year. What did you think of this season?