With the release of millions of New York records from the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society eLibrary, we wanted to give you a few suggestions on where you might be able to learn about your New York ancestor in the greater context of history.


  1. New York State Historical Association: There is no better place to start than the local historical society, and the NYSHA is the place to be! Gain insight into everyday life, as well as more significant events, and see what other resources are available to you. They also have a fantastic research library, membership with online benefits, and an annual conference.
  2. Historical Society of the New York Courts: With a very unique mission statement, this organization provides a wonderful overview of New York legal history, and its impact on the greater population. They have also launched an oral history project; preserving the recollections of retired Judges, Justices, and lawyers.
  3. New York State Tourism: This website is of course dedicated to the millions of people who travel in and around New York each year, but they have a very well done historical timeline; which is perfect for finding those significant moments that may have affected your ancestor. The timeline is filled with little details for us to explore! Find it here.
  4. New York Public Library: Of course, when we want to learn, we got to the library! And New York has one of the world's best. Explore the digital collections and online exhibits - but plan to spend some time. Once you start digging into this site, you won't want to walk away!
  5. Old Fulton NY Post Cards: For those of us who cannot wait to take what we learn from the NYG&B; eLibrary and immediately apply it to our family history research... the Old Fulton NY Post Cards is a great place to start. Be sure to take the time to learn about the site, and then dig in! Use this in conjunction with the Newspaper collection on Findmypast for even more depth.



Five excellent resources to investigate New York history! You can learn more about New York genealogy specifically from our partners at the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society.


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