The PERiodical Source Index (PERSI) has once again been updated with the addition of over 12,000 images. Adding images to the indexes of this rich collection allows you to delve further into it and uncover the stories behind your ancestors' names and dates.

This update includes images from publications around the United States and beyond. You'll find historical society yearbooks, genealogy magazines, State-specific collections and county registers to name but a few.

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32 publications have had images added to them in this latest update, covering nearly 200 years of history (1827-2012).

Here's a list of the periodicals updated with images, their publisher, the years covered, as well as a note to say if they are now complete or updated further:

  • Genealogical Tips, (Tip O' Texas Genealogical Society), 1964-1969, 1973, 1975-1979, 1981-1984; 1988-1989, 1991-1998, 2000-2001, 2004-2006, 2011-2012
  • Colonial Society of Massachusetts Publications, (Colonial Society of Massachusetts), 1918-1919, 1922-1923, continues title already online
  • Ancestor (Archibald Constable and Co.), 1902-1904, Completes title already online
  • Biennial Report of the Department of Archives & History, (West Virginia Department of Archives and History), 1907, 1910, Completes title already online
  • Bucks County Historical Society Papers, (Bucks County Historical Society), 1908-1909, 1917
  • Bostonian Society Proceedings, (Bostonian Society), 1885-1887, 1890, 1922-1923, Completes title already online
  • Dutchess County Historical Society Year Book (Dutchess County Historical Society), 1923, Completes title already online
  • American Jewish Historical Society Publications / American Jewish Historical Quarterly, (American Jewish Historical Society), 1892-1922
  • Moravian Historical Society Transactions / Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society, (Moravian Historical Society), 1857-1858, 1869-1917
  • Gulf States Historical Magazine, (Joel C. Dubose), 1902-1904
  • Essex County Historical and Genealogical Register, (M. Van B. Perley), 1894-1895
  • Indiana Quarterly Magazine / Indiana Magazine of History, (Indiana Historical Society), 1905-1912
  • Indiana Magazine of History, (Indiana Historical Society), 1913-1923
  • Pennsylvania German / Penn-Germania, (H.W. Kriebel), 1900-1911
  • New York State Historical Association Proceedings / Quarterly Journal; New York History, (New York State Historical Association), 1901-1923
  • Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly / Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly, (Ohio Historical Society), 1887-1891, 1895, 1898-1923
  • Virginia Historical Reporter, (Virginia Historical Society), 1854, 1860
  • Mer Douce, (Algonquis Historical Society), 1921-1923
  • Annals of Iowa, (Iowa State Historical Society), 1863-1874, 1882-1923
  • American Catholic Historical Researches, (Martin I.J. Griffin), 1900-1902
  • American Irish Historical Society Journal, (American Irish Historical Society), 1923, volume continues publication already added
  • Bostonian Society Publications, (Bostonian Society), 1924, volume continues publication already added
  • Buffalo Historical Society Publications, (Buffalo Historical Society), 1931, 1959, volumes continues publication already added
  • Cayuga County Historical Society Collections, (Cayuga County Historical Society), 1884-1906, volumes continues publication already added
  • Essex Historical Society Papers and Addresses, (Essex Historical Society), 1913, 1915
  • Friend / Friends Intelligencer, (Friends Publishing), 1827-1839
  • Genealogical Tips, (Tip O'Texas Genealogical Society), 1963, 1969-1980, 1984-1994, 1999-2003, volumes continues publication already added
  • Huguenot Society of South Carolina Transactions, (Huguenot Society of South Carolina), 1889-1923
  • Kansas Magazine, (Kansas Magazine Co.), 1909-1912
  • Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records / Ontario History, (Ontario Historical Society), 1899-1923
  • Quarterly Journal / New York History, Bound As Proceedings V.18-29, (New York State Historical Association), 1920-1923
  • Scottish Antiquary, (George P. Johnston), 1891-1899

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Stay tuned for more index and image updates to PERSI in the coming months as our promise to provide the most comprehensive online version available continues.