Social history records can tell you a wealth of information about your ancestors' lives which you might never see in other collections. From fascinating insights about your relatives' lifestyle, to broader social and economic detail about the world they lived in, these are an invaluable addition to your research which can add colour and depth to your family tree.

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Devon Social and Institutional Records

This incredible record set contains a huge range of information about your Devon ancestors, including when and where they were married (and who to), where they lived, whether they received Poor Law relief. There's also more niche detail such as whether they were admitted to - or discharged from - insane asylums, whether they received a smallpox vaccination, drove a hackney carriage, and even whether they were involved in a bastardy case! The collection was gathered by the Devon Family History Society from 127 sources covering local working and social life. Unusual record sets include Christmas presents for Exmouth children whose fathers were away fighting in World War 1, which lists details for the solders' families.

Estate Commissioners Offices, Applications from Evicted Tenants, 1907

This unusual publication lists people who submitted applications with the Estate Commissioner's Office - either as an evicted tenant, or on behalf of one, in response to the Evicted Tenants (Ireland) Act 1907. The Act sought to provide relief from those affected by their evictions, and application records include the name and address of the party, the estate they were evicted from, their townland address, the annual rent they paid prior to their eviction, the extent of their former landholding, the name of the occupier at the time of the application, the circumstances of the applicant, plus any additional observations.

Wisconsin, Iowa County, History (Published 1881)

This book, which you can read in its entirety on the website, includes an account of its settlement, growth, development and resources, and a detailed sketch of its cities towns and villages. These encompass schools, societies, prominent figures in the communities, an abstract of the law and constitution, and more.

Aldine History of South Australia

Published in 1890 across two volumes, this rare illustrated record offers a detailed history of South Australia, and a collection of genealogical resources and biographies which are a must for anyone with an interest in the early history of the colony. Volume one comprises 32 chapters, including early explorers, geography, Aborigines, flora and fauna, education, religion, recreations, the governors of South Australia, and the Constitution. Volume two includes one more chapter of the history section, in addition to 400 pages of biographies of early South Australians, with 143 illustrations of which many are in colour.