This week we've updated the Periodical Source Index (PERSI), adding 14,865 new articles, and uploaded 13,039 new images to seven different publications.

The seven publications to which we've added images are as follows:

  • North Carolina Historical Commission Biennial Report, 1907-1924, 1944-1962
  • Northern Genealogist, 1895-1903
  • Old Times-North Yarmouth Maine, 1877-1884
  • Olde Ulster, 1905-1914
  • Ossory Archaeological Society Transactions, 1879-1886
  • Palimpsest, 1920-1923
  • Vineland Historical Magazine, 1916-1921

Expand your research with social and local history. Do your family history roots trace back to North Carolina? Explore issues of North Carolina Historical Commission Biennial Report, which pertains to the news and doings of the North Carolina Historical Commission, as well as their holdings of local records.

If your research has led you to Kilkenny, Ireland, you may find the Ossory Archaeological Society Transactions to be of interest. Much regarding the history of the Diocese of Ossory is recorded in its pages. If your Irish ancestor was Catholic and from this area, you may discover some fascinating information from this publication that can help enrich and direct your research.

However, if these updated titles are unrelated to your topics of interest, be sure to check out the comprehensive list of periodicals that have images here, you'll be sure to find something of relevance to your research!