"The best accessory to identify period men's fashion is a woman."

(Listen to part 1 of this episode: Women's Fashion History)

On Mother's Day, we had mother and fashion historian, Paulette Uris, call in to the podcast for the second installment on using fashion trends to identify the dates of old photos. Discussing history and the very subtle evolution of men's clothes, we provide clues that could get you closer to your past.

"The tie is the one piece for men that is an art itself."

Podcast Contents (timestamp):

Frank Danzer, Tyler's Great Great Grandfather

  • 00:48 - Why men's fashion is hard to identify
  • 01:09 - The rise of conservative trends
  • 02:05 - Key identifiers in men's clothing
  • 04:30 - Iconic fashion items; possibly misleading
  • 05:15 - 1850's
  • 06:31 - 1860's
  • 08:07 - 1870's
  • 11:02 - 1880's
  • 13:39 - Paulette looks at a photo of Tyler's great great grandfather, Frank Danzer
  • 14:55 - FAMILY HISTORY DISCOVERY: The Danzer family in the US census
  • 19:59 - 1890's