With Christmas fast approaching the newspapers were brimming with ads boasting of the best presents and services for the festive season. But who could better at giving Yuletide gift advice than Father Christmas himself?

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We took a look through the archives to find Santa's best present suggestions...

Santa says... Ladies' knickers "better than ever!"

Santa says... "Let us do your laundry!"

Santa says... "I never saw anything like it"

Santa says... "It's easy shopping at Grimbly Hughes"

Santa says... "Hurry and install your television!"

Santa says... "Shop early! Shop locally!"

Santa says... "You MUST go to Moor's Corner House Cafe"

Santa says... "Payments are easy, too"

Santa says... "Make sure of your Xmas cigarettes"

Santa says... "Get your Christmas wine in early"

How the Queen of England bought this essential Christmas tradition to America...