For the past several weeks, we've been highlighting the Genealogy Roadshow series on PBS. Featuring D. Joshua Taylor, Director of Family History at Findmypast, the series has been an incredible production, telling the story of American history through the men and women who lived it. Oral histories, questions, and family legends are brought by viewers and fans, and the attempt is made to prove, disprove, or answer those mysteries.

The viewers all go on this journey too, as we are swept along in the process of applying research to story telling. We've had the astonishing, we've had the unbelievable, and we've had the humor. The past six weeks have been captivating, and all of us were sad to see that last night's episode was the last for Season 2.

We were taken back through the two years of the US production in a "best of" highlight episode, and revisited the most powerful and heart wrenching stories we have seen. We captured a few moments from California and recounted the family story behind a Native American walking stick. We explored a murder mystery once again in New Orleans, playing detective as Josh Taylor took us through newspapers and other documents to try to solve a 100 year old "cold case." We renewed DNA discoveries, frame worthy records, and interesting headstones. One of the best parts for us at Findmypast is that we did it together, as a community.

Last night's final episode reinforced the idea of what Genealogy Roadshow is really about. We see over and over again how the decisions of one person, one family, effect the overall history of a nation, and even the world. And reversely how world events impact the "common man." All of the families featured throughout the series are vital to the very core of U.S. history. They have a history worth telling.

We close Season 2 with a tweet from Josh Taylor, who really summed it all up for us last night on Twitter:


"This segment and so many others continue to humble me when I think of what our ancestors went through." @DJoshuaTaylor


Our thanks to everyone who participated in our weekly chats on Twitter. We look forward to many more wonderful discussions within our growing community.