The Periodical Source Index (PERSI) offers access to over 2.7 million articles that will help you to discover useful contextual information about the time and place in which your ancestor lived. You may find photographs and maps that will help you better visualize your ancestor's town or you may find obituaries and local histories.

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Eleven publications have had new images added to the index in this update, totaling 23,883 images.

* Allen County Lines – Volumes 36-40 (2011-2015) – Quarterly publication of the Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana.

* Bedfordshire Historical Record Society – Volumes 1-7 (1913-1923) – Discover more about the history of Bedfordshire and learn if your ancestor was a part of Bedfordshire Historical Record Society.

* Fenwick Colony Gazette / Genealogical Society of Salem County Newsletter – Volumes 4-20 (1997-2014) – Newsletter by the Genealogical Society of Salem County, New Jersey, detailing the goings-on of the society and county, as well as some researching tips and resources.

* Hawaiian Historical Society Papers – Volumes 1-21 (1892-1940) – These papers will broaden your understanding and knowledge of Hawaiian history, its inhabitants, and its culture.

* Narragansett Club Publications – Volumes 1-6 (1866-1874)

* North Carolina Booklet – Volumes 1-6 (1901-1907) – Pamphlets published by the North Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution. The pamphlets detail significant historical events and places of North Carolina. Originally published monthly, it moved to a quarterly publication in 1905 and, later, to an annual publishing schedule.

* Nova Scotia Genealogist – Volumes 1-33 (1983-2015) – Learn about the local and genealogical history of Nova Scotia, including available resources for your own research. Additionally, discover various lists of inhabitants, including some sections taken from the 1901 census.

* Southern Historical Monthly – Volume 1, Number 2 (1877)

* Texas State Historical Association Quarterly / Southwestern Historical Quarterly – Volumes 1-21, 23-26 (1897-1923) – Discover more about the history and founding of the state of Texas.

* Virginia Historical Society Proceedings – (1882)

* Washington Historical Quarterly – Volumes 1-14 (1906-1923)

For a comprehensive list of publications with images, see here.