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Amidst the excitement of new record collections, it can be easy to forget some of the fascinating sets we already have in our archives, waiting to be explored.

With the centenary on our minds, we'd like to highlight some of the amazing military records sets already at your fingertips, which could be the key to helping you find your wartime ancestor in the British Army.

Today, we're taking a look at World War 1 and World War II Prisoner of War records. This wonderful resource, provided by Naval and Military Press,  hold vital information about men taken prisoner of war during both World Wars.

Prisoners of War 1914-1918

You can search records of 7,703 British Army Officers who were Prisoners of War between 1914 and 1918.

The records contain all sorts of rich detail including first and last names, rank, service, section, date they went missing and date they were repatriated.

Some records have additional notes, covering events such as death in captivity.

Search Prisoners of War 1914-1918 records

Prisoners of War 1939-1945

Start exploring in this fascinating collection, which includes:

  • Prisoners of War 1939-1945 – British Navy & Air Force Officers: 19,229 records
  • Prisoners of War 1939-1945 – Officers of Empire serving in British Army: 39,808 records
  • Prisoners of War 1939-1945 – British Army held in German territories: 107,000 records

The records will usually provide you with the following information about your ancestors: name, rank, regiment, army number, camp number, Prisoner of War number, camp type, camp location and extra notes, where applicable.

Search Prisoners of War 1939-1945 records