On this day in 1985, Doc Brown and Marty McFly came forward in time to 2015. As today is the day they visited, we've looked back at the inventions the film predicted that are now in common use in the real 2015.

1. Video Calling

Video is calling

Future Marty uses his television to speak first to a friend and then to his boss, face to face. In 1989 when the film was released, this technology was still in its infancy, planned mainly for use in business. However today with services like Skype and Facetime now in use by people to speak to loved ones, and Google Hangouts video calling used for businesses, this technology is now an everyday part of life.

2. 3D Films

3D movie still from Back to the future

The 3D film, was again, a novelty in 1989 when the film was made, but in 2015, it seems every other film that is released has a 3D section within it. Although we're not quite at the point of Jaws 17, or with the billboards for the films using Holograms to advertise them, we do have a perchance for sequels, with the Fast and Furious franchise on film 7!

3. Biometrics & Tablets

Biometric & tablets extract from Back to the future

Biometrics in back to the future are used to pay for taxis, enter houses, and unlock doors, with a taxi driver in the film even using a tablet to take the payment. Although biometric technology hasn't quite made the leap into the home yet, it is used by businesses and even entire countries to check people in and out. Residents of the UK now carry biometric passports, with their fingerprints ready for inspection at any country they visit. On the other hand, tablets are in use everywhere from the smallest tablets to the huge iPad.

4. Flatscreen, multi-channel television

Multi-screen TV - Back t the future

Although 2015 TV only allows you to watch one channel at a time, multi-channel TV is another prediction 'Back to the Future' makes that is surprisingly close to the mark. In 1989, the closest you got to multiple channels was dependant on where in the country you were located. With Freeview now, well, free to everyone in the UK, and terrestrial television transmitters switched off, multi-channel TV is now part of daily life. The film also got right the prevalence of wall mounted flat screen Televisions.

5. Drones

Drones - Back to the future

From delivery drones to automatic dog-walkers, 'Back to the Future' predicted the use of drones in everyday life. Again, although the technology is not quite as advanced as the film predicts, we do have non-military drones around us all the time. From photography platforms to prototype delivery drones being trialled by Amazon for, drones used for pleasure to drones used by the police for surveillance, it's another part of life in 2015 that the film makers predicted.

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