You can now glimpse into your past with our new app, I Once Was.

Free to download and available to all iPhone users, I Once Was is a fun take on what your job might have been in the past and what you would have looked like. Would you have been a fisherman, seamstress, priest, judge, maid or even a nun?

By entering your name and location, the I Once Was app will give you a choice of jobs. Simply select one and add your photo for a quirky and humorous look into your possible past and share it easily on Twitter and Facebook direct from the app.

“The app is a reflection of an increasing number of people being inspired to have fun with their history online, discovering, connecting, sharing and engaging with others” comments Annelies van den Belt, CEO of DC Thomson Family History. “The app is just an example of how people will soon be interacting with their past and sharing with friends and family anywhere in the world.”

Download I Once Was free on your iPhone