Celebrities are notorious for giving unorthodox names to their offspring. While unusual first names make family historians happy, the recent announcement of Kanye West's and Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, has caused the usual onslaught of critical conversations across the internet.

To be fair, celebrity parents do have a history of tossing out traditional baby name books and christen their children with words involving food, geographic locations or puns.  Are these star parents opting for originality without consideration of their kid’s future playground ridicule? Is it wrong to use a child for a play on words? It seems most believe so.

In this case, Kim and Kanye did give their daughter a cardinal direction in lieu of a forename, creating an obvious pun in her full name. However, according to records found on findmypast.com, they were not the first to do so.

Not only are there thousands of records with the first name “North“  but also many occurrences of people named "North West," some of which are women.  

In further defense of "North" as a name, the US census has often recorded names that point in every direction since 1790.

Number or records with the first name of:

"SOUTH" - 614 including 16 with a last name of "West"

"EAST" - 486 including 5 with a last name of "west"

"WEST" - 20,844 including 98 with a last name of "West" (West West)

BEST OF RECORD: "South East West"

Oliver and Elsie West of Pistol River Oregon proudly named their first son "North” and blessed their second son with both “South” and “East” as his first and middle name, respectively, making his full name “South East West”

Let it be noted they were farmers and not celebrities.