Welcome to Start Your Family Tree Week 2015! Every day until the New Year we'll be walking you through the first steps of your family history journey, with tips and guidance from our in-house experts.

Start building your tree now

Since it's the season for family, we'll show you how to take advantage of having everyone around (especially if you're running low on conversation topics!) with our failsafe interview to mine your relatives for clues. You'll be able to begin populating your tree, and start your hunt for more names to add to it.

Once you've got those few building blocks in place, we'll introduce you to our treasure trove of records. Our incredible Birth, Marriage and Death records, which date beyond even the reign of Henry VIII, are a fascinating archive which with a little knowledge can yield amazing revelations about your ancestors.

Once you've mastered those, you can move on to our fascinating censuses, learn how to break down brick walls, and get a glimpse of the incredible 1939 Register, a record of everyone in the country on the outbreak of World War 2….