Welcome to US Family History month! This October we're keener than ever to explore our heritage, and dig deep to the roots of our family tree. There's no better time to get acquainted with your unique history, and we're here to help you get started.

To get things going, here are a few ideas of fun activities to help you learn more about your family and where you came from…

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  1. Get curious! You never know what stories or secrets your relatives might have up their sleeves. Luckily, we've made things easy for you and prepared all manner of questions to satisfy the detective within…
  2. Get cooking! Do you have any traditional family recipes waiting to be dusted off? Cooking your ancestors' food can be a wonderful window into their lives – literally a taste of history!
  3. Get creative! Start writing down (or recording) some of your own life stories. Whether these are proud achievements, fun anecdotes, or even embarrassing moments, these will be a precious legacy for your family in years to come, and it's sometimes amazing how much your own life is reflected in that of your ancestors.
  4. Get outside! Going out and visiting the places which were significant to your ancestors can lead to unexpected discoveries. Whether that means seeing where they lived, worked, or even becoming familiar with their home town, you never know what clues you might pick up which can inspire later research.
  5. Get obsessed! There's so much help and amazing expert insight out there which can give you new ideas about how to tackle your family history. We've got plenty of expert articles to get you going, and remember to stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter page, where we'll be asking you to send in questions for our hands-on experts.

Good luck, and have fun discovering your family's story!