Our Irish newspaper collection has been recently updated with over 819,000 new articles including 5 new titles. A further 8 existing newspapers have had additional articles and year coverage added.

The new additions include Dublin Intelligence which now becomes the oldest paper in the collection, dating all the way back to 1708.

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The 8 publications that have been updated with extra articles include substantial additions to Dublin Daily Express (151,525), Dublin Weekly Nation (138,935) and Weekly Freeman's Journal (120,510).

The Irish newspaper collection now stands at over 13.3 million fully searchable articles and covers over 240 years of Ireland's history (1708-1950). Use this treasure trove to discover if your ancestors were making headlines or what was happening in your family's locality hundreds of years ago.

Here's a list of the 5 new titles to join the collection and the years they cover as of 2 December 2015:

Dublin Intelligence – 1708, 1711

Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette – 1861, 1866

Londonderry Sentinel - 1851 - 1852

Penny Despatch and Irish Weekly Newspaper - 1861 - 1867

Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail - 1832, 1834 - 1844, 1864 - 1866, 1871

We add to our historical Irish newspapers regularly so it's well worth checking back from time to time to see if a title from your ancestor's homestead has been included.